Junior Research Scientist
Expertise: GIS and Remote Sensing, Tropical Forestry, Forest estimations, Biomass modeling, Ecosystem functioning, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Ecological Modeling, Ecological Restoration, Ecological Statistics, Forest Ecology, Forest Management, Landscape Ecology, Management of Protected Area, Natural Resource Management and Conservation, Non-Timber Forest Products Assessment.
Principal Research Scientist
Expertise: Tropical high forest and plantation management, ecology and silviculture,Forest inventory, mensuration, growth and yield modelling, Climate change research
Master in Anthropology of development and environment
Expertise: NTFP and climate change
Expertise: Forest Ecologist with specific interest in;
(i) The ecology and management of natural evergreen forest and deciduous woodlands of Africa, and development of sustainable resource use management systems for timber, non-timber and non-wood forest products from these vegetation systems, based on the regeneration ecology of these systems and targeted species;
(ii) Rehabilitation of degraded systems, including rehabilitation after mining, and through invader plant stands as pioneer stands towards forest recovery. I have been doing this all over Africa.