Name and Scope of Action

The Network is known as Forestry Research Network for Sub-Saharan Africa, with acronym FORNESSA. The Network is a non-profit, non-governmental scientific organisation open to   forestry and forest-related organisations and individuals. It embodies three sub-regional networks; the Association of the Forestry Research Institutions of Eastern Africa (AFREA) which has 10 member countries, the Forest Research Network of thé Conférence de responsables de Recherché Agronomique Africains (CORAF) which has 20 member countries and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which represents research institutions in the 14 SADC states. 


To support and strengthen forestry research in order to contribute to the conservation, sustainable management and utilization of forest resources in Sub- Saharan Africa. 


Support sub-regional networks in their capacity building efforts.
Foster regional co-operation in forest research.
Articulate and advocate African forestry agenda and development in global flora. 


Groups of membership

The Network consists of three groups of membership.

1. Member organisations:

Forest research organisations and forest-related science organisations which apply for membership and are accepted by the Steering Committee.

2. Individual members:

Individual members of member institutions that are engaged or have been engaged in research on forest or forest-related subjects and who wish to participate in FORNESSA activities.

3. Honorary members:

Persons from or outside the region who have rendered particularly important service to the Network may receive honorary membership. The General Assembly approves their appointments on recommendation of the Steering Committee.

Admission to membership

Admission to membership shall be decided by the Steering Committee.

Termination of membership

Each member may resign from the Network by registered letter. The member shall send this resignation letter to the Chairman.

Membership may be terminated by the Steering Committee upon failure to pay membership fees for three consecutive years.

Rights of members

Members are entitled to:

  • Participate in General Assembly meetings.
  • Submit proposals to the Network.
  • Access FORNIS website.
  • Submit reports or papers for upload unto FORNIS website.
  • Receive information and publications from the Network.
  • Be eligible to be appointed and serve as FORNESSA office holders upon approval of the Steering Committee.
  • Member institutions shall have the right to appoint representatives to participate and vote in meetings.
  • Participate in all scientific meetings organised by FORNESSA and/or held under its auspices. 

Duties of members

It shall be the duty of every member to promote FORNESSA, to observe its constitution and to pay membership fees regularly and punctually.


Fornessa institutions


Dr. J.R. Cobbinah

Co-ordinator, FORNESSA
c/o Forestry Research Institute of Ghana
P. O. Box UP 63 KNUST
Kumasi, Ghana

Tel: +233-03220-61378 /60373
Fax: +233-03220-60121
Email: joe.cobbinah@ymail.com