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We draw your attention to IUFRO's call for expressions of interest in the new IUFRO-SPDC online Training Workshop on Systematic Evidence Evaluation on Forest Landscape Restoration that is coming up on 22-26 March 2021.

The training workshop is organized by the IUFRO Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC) in collaboration with the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. It is free of charge for participants, but the total number of participants is limited to 40.

Why develop research skills in systematic evidence evaluation?

The need for quantitative and qualitative scientific evidence for policy and management has significantly risen in recent years as the world is becoming increasingly interlinked with complex problems awaiting adequate policy and management decisions at all levels. This holds also true for the land use sector where forests and trees play key roles in the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of landscapes, particularly against the backdrop of the most pressing problems in the 21st century such as poverty, food security, transformation to a greener economy and sustainable development. In this context, it is important that sufficient evidence is generated from the body of globally available scientific research for the purpose of informing policy decisions and actions about forests and forest-related land-uses.

Who should participate?

Early and mid-career scientists from economically-disadvantaged countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America who are:

  • working on research issues related to forest landscape restoration,
  • interested in learning how to apply elements used in a systematic review to make their own work more robust and reliable, and
  • interested in meeting international peers in an open, collaborative environment with shared learning and peer-to-peer support.

Please submit your interest by filling out the online form at:

Deadline for submissions: 28 February  2021, 23:59 GMT




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