Facts on Growing and Use of Eucalyptus in Kenya

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 05:50

In Kenya, eucalypts were introduced as early as 1902. About 100 species have since been introduced and 83 have been planted at various times at KEFRI Arboretum, Muguga (Gottneid and Thogo, 1975). Out of the 83 species planted in the arboretum, only 71 have survived. Of these 4 are fast growing, 14 are moderate, and 53 are slow growing (Annex I). The aim of the initial introduction was to identify fast growing Eucalyptus species to supply woodfuel for the Kenya-Uganda railway. The uses of eucalypts have since increased and now include timber, plywood, transmission poles, pulp, building materials, fencing posts, rails (fitos), windbreaks, ornamentals and environmental enhancement. Eucalypts are also important in providing products that would otherwise be sourced from natural forests.

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Kenya Forestry Research Institute
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Kenya Forestry Research Institute
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