Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Management

Thu, 09/12/2013 - 11:49
Date: Fri, 2013-10-04 - Tue, 2013-10-08
Accra, Ghana

5 day Intensive Programme on Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy and Management

The program is designed for CSR Professionals, Private Sector, NGOs, Government, Civil Society, Multi-Lateral Organizations and International Organizations.  

We are facing unprecedented economic, social and environmental change. With this comes new challenges for businesses, governments, NGOs, international institutions and other organizations. The McGill/ISID Executive Program in CSR Strategy and Management can help you meet these challenges, turning them into opportunities and creating value for all stakeholders.   “This program brought a level of strategic thinking to our CSR initiatives that had been lacking”.

Through lectures, case-studies, group-work and panel discussions the program comprehensively examines and integrates essential key topics such as:

Role of the Private Sector in Development Governance, Communities and Sustainable Development
The history of CSR
Emerging trends in CSR
CSR in practice; heuristics, tools, frameworks
CSR and value creation (ROI on CSR Investments)
CSR – implementation challenges and solutions
Role of International Financial Institutions & Multi- Lateral Development Agencies
CSR and working with development partners
The Rule of Law and the Regulatory Environment
The Corporate Perspective
The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
The Investor Perspective
CSR Management strategies and frameworks
Non-Governmental Organizations and CSR
CSR, Infrastructure and Large Scale Project
Capacity Building for Investment and Negotiation
CSR Reporting, Tools, Frameworks and Strategies
CSR and Education
CSR, Micro Credit and Partnerships

and more

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